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On the matter of community policing, I believe that the police force plays a big role. This is based on implementing the various strategies geared towards achieving an effective community policing. Taking a closer look at crime, it is widely evident that crime cases in any given society cannot be solved by any single individual alone. This calls for aid in order to curb the vice. Not to mention the complexity of crime, the police should no be left alone to deal with the matter. The community and police thus need to work together to deal with criminal activities. This will necessitate splitting of the crime matter into smaller areas that are easy to manage. The police officers are then set to work in these areas. The police therefore work…show more content…

The methodology to be adopted in community policing may be highlighted as: creation of crime curbing projects, increased number of police to the community through creation of nearby police stations or using foot patrols, establishment of community-police committees, initialization of programs that assist crime victims, and using the community to get feedback on crime rate prevention and satisfaction. The movement from the former systems of policing to community policing system calls for major changes. These changes may be in terms of goals, aims, policies and activities of police units, as well as the general image portrayed by police force. Consequently, this movement bears an eminent amount of disagreements as well as resistance within the police force. The police officers and their managers are the major parties involved in the matter of resistance. The managers fear loss of power and authority to control their officers when they become community police, on the other hand the police officer do not welcome the new role of solving community problems (Rohe, Adams and Arcury, 2001). This is because they are used to the normal role of enforcing laws. The implementation process therefore demands training of police officers on their new roles. Stakeholders in any project are the persons with major interest on the same project. In community policing, the key stakeholders are the community members

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