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W.E.B. Griffin is an American author who is best known for his military and detective novels in series such as The Brotherhood of War, The Corps, Men at War, Badge of Honor, Honor Bound and The Presidential Agent series. However, by the time he started gaining notoriety as W.E.B. Griffin in the eighties, he was already a prolific author under several different pen names.

“W.E.B. Griffin” is the most well-known pseudonym of William Edmund Butterworth III, who has been writing novels since 1960 under the pseudonyms W.E. Butterworth, Eden Hughes, Webb Beech, Walker E. Blake, James McM. Douglas, Edmund O. Scholefield, Patrick J. Williams and Alex Baldwin. Under these pen names, Butterworth wrote military novels along with non-fiction, young adult, racing and baseball and various other genres. Butterworth also co-authored the M*A*S*H series alongside Richard Hooker. As of late, W.E.B. Griffin’s son William E. Butterworth IV has been co-authoring his novels with him.

Below is a list of all of W.E.B. Griffin’s published works in order, regardless of pseudonym, divided by series:

Publication Order of M*A*S*H Books

Publication Order of The Brotherhood of War Books

Publication Order of Men At War Books

Publication Order of The Corps Books

Publication Order of Badge Of Honor Books

Publication Order of Honor Bound Books

Publication Order of Presidential Agent Books

Publication Order of Clandestine Operations Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels


Book I, Top Secret(Read an excerpt)
Book II, The Assassination Option
Book III, Curtain of Death (Read an excerpt)
Book IV,Death at Nuremberg (Read an excerpt)



Book I, By Order of the President(Read an excerpt)
Book II, The Hostage(Read an excerpt)
Book III, The Hunters(Read an excerpt)
Book IV, The Shooters
Book V, Black Ops (Read an excerpt)
Book VI, The Outlaws(Read an excerpt)
Book VII, Covert Warriors(Read an excerpt)
Book VIII, Hazardous Duty



Book I, Semper Fi
Book II, Call to Arms
Book III, Counterattack
Book IV, Battleground
Book V, Line of Fire
Book VI, Close Combat
Book VII, Behind the Lines
Book VIII, In Danger’s Path
Book IX, Under Fire(Read an excerpt)
Book X, Retreat, Hell! (Read an excerpt)



Book I, The Lieutenants
Book II, The Captains
Book III, The Majors
Book IV, The Colonels
Book V, The Berets
Book VI, The Generals
Book VII, The New Breed
Book VIII, The Aviators
Book IX, Special Ops(Read an excerpt)



Book I, Men in Blue
Book II, Special Operations
Book III, The Victim
Book IV, The Witness
Book V, The Assassin
Book VI, The Murderers
Book VII, The Investigators
Book VIII, Final Justice(Read an excerpt)
Book IX, The Traffickers(Read an excerpt)
Book X, The Vigilantes(Read an excerpt)
Book XI, The Last Witness (Read an excerpt)
Book XII,Deadly Assets (Read an excerpt)
Book XIII,Broken Trust (Read an excerpt)



Book I, Honor Bound(Read an excerpt)
Book II, Blood and Honor
Book III, Secret Honor(Read an excerpt)
Book IV, Death and Honor
Book V, The Honor of Spies(Read an excerpt)
Book VI, Victory And Honor(Read an excerpt)  
Book VI, Victory And Honor(Read an excerpt)  
Book VII, Empire And Honor(Read an excerpt)



Book I, The Last Heroes
Book II, The Secret Warriors
Book III, The Soldier Spies
Book IV, The Fighting Agents(Read an excerpt)
Book V, The Saboteurs
Book VI, The Double Agents
Book VII, The Spymasters(Read an excerpt)

Brotherhood of War Book I: The Lieutenants, 1982.
Brotherhood of War Book II: The Captains, 1982.
Brotherhood of War Book III: The Majors, 1983.
Brotherhood of War Book IV: The Colonels, 1984.
Brotherhood of War Book V: The Berets, 1985.
Men at War Book I: The Last Heroes (As Alex Baldwin), 1985.
Brotherhood of War Book VI: The Generals, 1985.
The Corps Book I: Semper Fi, 1986.
Men at War Book II: The Secret Warriors (As Alex Baldwin), 1986.
Men at War Book III: The Soldier Spies (As Alex Baldwin), 1986.
Brotherhood of War Book VII: The New Breed, 1987.
The Corps Book II: Call to Arms, 1987.
Men at War Book IV: The Fighting Agents (As Alex Baldwin), 1987.
Brotherhood of War Book VIII: The Aviators, 1988.
The Corps Book III: Counterattack, 1990.
Badge of Honor Book I: Men in Blue (As John Kevin Dugan), 1990.
The Corps Book IV: Battleground, 1991.
Badge of Honor Book II: Special Operations (As John Kevin Dugan), 1991.
Badge of Honor Book III: The Victim, 1992.
The Corps Book V: Line of Fire, 1992.
Badge of Honor Book IV:The Witness, 1993.
The Corps VI: Close Combat, 1993.
Badge of Honor Book V: The Assassin, 1994.
Honor Bound Book I: Honor Bound, 1994.
Badge of Honor Book VI: The Murderers, 1995.
The Corps Book VII: Behind the Lines, 1996.
Honor Bound Book II: Blood and Honor, 1997.
Badge of Honor Book VII: The Investigators, 1998.
The Corps Book VIII: In Danger’s Path, 1999.
Honor Bound Book III: Secret Honor, 2000.
Brotherhood of War Book IX: Special Ops, 2001.
The Corps Book IX: Under Fire, 2002.
Badge of Honor Book VIII: Final Justice, 2003.
The Corps Book X: Retreat, Hell!, 2004.
The Presidential Agent Book I: By Order of the President, 2005.
The Presidential Agent Book II: The Hostage, 2006.
Men at War Book V: The Saboteurs, 2006.
The Presidential Agent Book III: The Hunters, 2007.
Men at War Book VI: The Double Agents, 2007.
The Presidential Agent Book IV: The Shooters, 2008.
Honor Bound Book IV: Death & Honor, 2008.
The Presidential Agent Book V: Black Ops, 2009.
Badge of Honor Book IX: The Traffickers, 2009.
Honor Bound Book V: The Honor of Spies, 2009.
Badge of Honor Book X: The Vigilantes, 2010.
The Presidential Agent Book VI: The Outlaws, 2010.
Honor Bound Book VI: Victory And Honor, 2011.
The Presidential Agent Book VII: Covert Warriors, 2011.
Men at War Book VII: The Spymasters, 2012.
Honor Bound Book VII: Empire And Honor, 2012.
Badge of Honor Book XI: The Last Witness, 2013.
The Presidential Agent Book VIII: Hazardous Duty, 2014.
Clandestine Operations Book I: Top Secret, 2014.
Clandestine Operations Book II: The Assassination Option, 2014.
Badge of Honor Book XII: Deadly Assets, 2015.
The Hunting Trip, 2015.
Badge of Honor Book XIII: Broken Trust, 2016.
Clandestine Operations Book III: Curtain of Death, 2016.
Clandestine Operations Book IV: Death at Nuremberg, 2017.

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