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Simple Living High Thinking implies that we must lead a simple life but at the same time our thinking must not be limited. This is to say that we must not restrict our thinking only to the nitty-gritty’s of everyday day tasks. We should think big to bring about positive changes in our lives as well as that of those around us.

The proverb lays emphasis on the importance of living a simple life devoid of any kind of show off. We must keep a check on our wants and desires. However, when it comes to thinking, it must be big. We must not think only about ourselves but also about those around. Here are essays of varying lengths on Simple Living High Thinking to help you with the topic in your exam. You can select any Simple Living High Thinking essay according to your choice:

Long and Short Essay on Simple Living High Thinking

Simple Living High Thinking Essay 1 (200 words)

Simple living and high thinking go hand in hand. Only those who believe in living a simple life can think high and do great deeds in life. Those who prefer living lavishly only think about fulfilling their own desires one after the other and there is no end to it. Such people are so engrossed in gratifying their desires and impressing others by showing off their materialistic possessions that their thinking becomes limited to it. They cannot think high or develop a broad mindset.

On the other hand, people who understand that they must only focus on their needs and not go after every materialistic thing their heart longs for lead a simple life. They only buy things of need and focus on becoming better human beings by way of their deeds and not by showing off their belongings. They try to help those around them, involve themselves in charity work, indulge in activities to improve the environment and more importantly spend quality time with their loved ones.

Now, this does not mean it is wrong to be ambitious and earn money to lead a comfortable life. There is a difference between living comfortably and having a lavish lifestyle. There are many rich people around the world who lead a simple life and possess high thinking. They indulge in charity rather than spending lavishly on themselves.

Simple Living High Thinking Essay 2 (300 words)


This proverb advises human beings to limit their wants and desires as there is no end to them. If we run in pursuit of every desire of ours we shall never be satisfied as these keep growing on and on.

Live Simple – Stop Impressing Others

We all agree that most of the things we want are not really for ourselves. We want them to impress our neighbours, friends and relatives. This kind of life can never be fulfilling or pleasurable. This is because we are not born to please or impress others and we can never even do so. Whatever we do people only look for opportunities to find flaws in us and this leaves us all the more dissatisfied. We try to earn more and more, reach at a high position in the company, increase our social circle and shop for expensive clothes and household items – what for? All this is done to establish a good social standing.

Now, this is not to say that there is something wrong with being ambitious and making a good living. All this might as well bring us satisfaction at some level but it also takes away a lot from us. However, in the quest of making it big professionally and earning more and more to quench the undying desires people spend a lot of time at work and neglect their parents, spouse and kids. This distances them from the family and disturbs their personal relationships and all this only leads to stress.


If we lower our materialistic wants and stick to our needs, we shall be able to create a balance between our personal and professional life. This way we shall be able to spend more time with our family where the true joy lies. We shall also have enough time for ourselves, to look within and find out our true purpose of life.

Simple Living High Thinking Essay 3 (400 words)


Many learned people in the past have followed the preaching from this proverb and have made a mark in the history. Some such people include Sant Kabirdas, Mahatma Gandhi, Pope Francis and Abraham Lincoln. All these people have led an extremely simple life and inspired several people around them to do so.

Why must one lead a Simple Life?

Very few people lead a simple life today others are busy running after their desires and trying to impress others by their latest possessions. Here is why one must lead a simple life:

  1. Get Closer to Family

When you stop living an artificial life trying to impress others and turn towards a simple life you grow close to your roots. You get closer to your family members and the love showered by them brings immense joy.

  1. Recognize Your True self

When you stop looking for more and more things to gratify yourself and spend time with yourself you finally begin to recognize who you truly are.

  1. Sense of Control

When you lead a simple life, you require bare minimal to stay content. When you do not have numerous loans running for different things, you feel more confident. You no longer need to immerse yourself in work to earn more and more to pay off your loans and bills. You have a greater sense of control over your life.

  1. Lower Stress Level

You are no longer under constant pressure to earn more than your siblings, friends and neighbours. You no longer want a bigger house, bigger car or greater bank balance to feel good about yourself. The stress caused due to this constant pressure will all be gone when you chose to lead a simple life.

  1. Balanced Life

You will no longer toil too hard in your office to get to the top. This is because your wants would be limited and your needs can be met even if you are earning fairly well and not too much. You will thus be able to get home on time and spend time with your family. This will help create work life balance.


While many people continue to thrive for a lavish life many have turned towards leading a simple life after seeing the dreadful consequences of the former. It is time we must recognize that we should live for ourselves and not for impressing others. We must understand that happiness can only be found within and not in the outside things. Inner peace and happiness can only be found if we lead a simple life and have a high thinking that inspires us to do good for others.

Simple Living High Thinking Essay 4 (500 words)


Simple living and high thinking must be the motto of life of each one of us. However, people these days prefer leading a luxurious life with their thinking restricted only to things that can fetch them worldly pleasures.

People who Adopted the Golden Principle of Simple Living and High Thinking

  1. Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is one of the best persons to exemplify this proverb. He led a simple life and dreamed big. His lifestyle was extremely simple but his thinking was high. He did not only work towards driving the British out of the country but inspired several others around him to support the cause.e He was the He His life    hhhh He made use of a simple weapon that is non-violence to drive the British out of the country.

  1. Buddha

Buddha was a king who had numerous servants available at his beck and call. He had a loving family and all the luxuries of life. But he left all these to lead a simple life in the jungles. He could concentrate, look within and think high only when he began to lead a simple life. Had he stayed in the palace and led the life of luxury, he would never have attained enlightenment.

  1. Abraham Lincoln

American President, Abraham Lincoln who could afford all the luxuries of life and live lavishly chose to adopt a simple lifestyle. He did not employ any servant to take care of any of his tasks. He did all his personal tasks on his own.

Ways to Lead a Simple Life

  1. Identify Difference between Your Needs and Wants

The first and foremost thing to do is to distinguish between your needs and wants. Remember your needs are limited but wants unlimited. In order to lead a simple life you must only keep the things of necessity and not run after acquiring and attaining every materialistic desire.

  1. Focus on Inner Peace

We all look for happiness outside. We try to socialise, go to malls, try different cuisines, do unnecessary shopping and indulge in several such activities. While all these things can give temporary happiness you wouldn’t find yourself truly happy if you are not at peace within. To live a simple and fulfilling life you must focus within.

  1. Don’t Do Things to Impress Others

You are not born to impress others. Your life will not get any better if you continue to look for ways to impress other people. Your life will be fulfilling when you focus on yourself and not others.

  1. Help Others

Instead of spending lavishly to show off you should indulge in charity. This does not mean you have to donate a huge sum each month. Do whatever little you can to help the poor and needy.

  1. Relax

Just relax, meditate and let go of all the negative thoughts in your mind. Your mind must focus on the positives in life.


Living simple is not difficult. It is rather simple; you just need to limit your desires and let go of the need to impress others. When you lead a simple life only then you can think high else you will only be busy gratifying yourself.


Simple Living High Thinking Essay 5 (600 words)


Simple living high thinking is a common proverb used to emphasise the significance of leading a simple life and having high thinking. If each one of us leads such a life, the world would become a much better place.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Life Exemplifies Simple Living High Thinking

Mahatma Gandhi is undoubtedly the first name that comes to mind when we hear the proverb – Simple Living High Thinking. Popularly known as Bapu, this great man led an extremely simple life. He was highly educated and could have easily got a high paying job. He could have lived in a lavish bungalow and driven expensive cars. However, he chose to live in a hut. He wore the simplest of attires, a dhoti and ate simple food. While his materialistic needs were limited his vision was broad. He was a man of high thinking. He dedicated his life to the nation.

India’s independence had become his mission and he followed the path of non-violence to attain the same. His aura was so strong that thousands of Indians got inspired by him and joined him in his struggle for freedom. He initiated various movements and several Indians actively took part in the same. He also addressed masses from time to time to share his words of wisdom and inspired them to dedicate their lives to the freedom struggle. His simple yet effective ways to deal with the tyranny of the British officials were highly appreciated by people. Mahatma Gandhi was one of the main forces to drive the British out of the country.

Why are People unable to Practice Simple Living High Thinking?

The world has literally become a place to show off. Leading a simple life and thinking high is a concept that you can rarely see in anyone anymore. People are extremely busy showcasing how happy, wealthy and full of life they are. While earlier they used to throw parties, invite people over and buy new things to impress those around with the advent of social media the quest to impress others has reached a whole new level. People visit exotic locations, go out for lavish dinners, party with friends, buy new stuff and all this is uploaded on the social media within no time. Rather than enjoying the moment, people have now become more interested in showing others as to how cool their life is. And the definition of cool is far from simple.

Those who indulge in such activities regularly are known to have a happening life and everyone wants to befriend them and go out with them. On the other hand, those who do not stay active are considered rather dull and boring. No one likes being around such people. So showing off and talking highly of oneself has actually become the need of the hour. No one wants to live a simple life. Simple is actually considered as boring. Thinking high is beyond question as people are so engrossed in impressing others that they don’t understand that real happiness lies in finding our real selves and helping those around find the same.

Someone who tries to defy these new formed norms of the society is considered anti-social or just plain dull and boring. Those who do not keep abreast with this new lifestyle are often left alone. Even if someone cannot afford lavish dinners and doesn’t have a cool gang of friends and leads a simple life, he also tries to impress people by uploading fake pictures and posts on the social media.


Simple living high thinking is the mantra to lead a happy life. We must try to stop being a part of the rat race and look within. This way we shall understand that the things that can give us happiness and help us live a wholesome life are simple.

The Art of Living

SIMPLE living, high thinking is a well-known formula. But it is very rare to find someone who sincerely follows it in letter and in spirit. Although it seems to be very simple, why is it that people fail to follow it?

The reason is that this seemingly—simple formula requires great sacrifice—possibly the greatest sacrifice. Most people are not ready to make this sacrifice. And so, they do not follow, although it is the greatest—actually, the only—secret of success.

What is simple living?

Simple living is need-based living.

We all have some needs, and we seek to fulfill them. Our needs are limited. The problem arises when one doesn’t remain satisfied with one’s needs being fulfilled, and, instead, gets caught up in greed. Unlike need, greed has no limit. If one starts chasing unlimited greed, one will never be content.

Simple living means living according to limited needs, and not according to unlimited greed. Simple living is a safeguard from all kinds of distractions. It results in saving of time, energy, money and other resources, which can be put to optimum use, for one’s developme nt.

Distractions lead to destruction of life. Today, people are surrounded with distractions— shopping, outings, movies, reading useless novels and everything else that is part of the entertainment culture. Most people are wasting their lives in this way. Intellectually, they are dwarfs. One cannot discuss any serious subject with them. They know only about their desires, their fantasies, the things that give them pleasure, their comforts and luxuries. They have great knowledge about these things, but not about serious subjects of life and death.

Unlike need, greed has no limit. If one starts chasing one's unlimited greed, one will never be content.

Everything that is more than a need gives some temporary pleasure or comfort. But in the long run, it leads to deviation from the right path. It distracts one from the goal. Hence, it is very important that only needs Unlike need, greed has no limit. If one starts chasing one's unlimited greed, one will never be content. 38 Spirit of Islam Issue 36 December 2015 be fulfilled. Everything other than need is greed. And satisfying greed can give, at best, only temporary pleasure.

Islam is a religion of simplicity. A believer should lead a simple life. The Prophet of Islam laid great stress on simplicity. There is a hadith, according to which the Prophet said that simplicity is part of faith.

Things of comfort, outings, entertainment opportunities are not to be looked at as ‘allowed and forbidden’ we need to understand them as distractions. And distraction is a giant killer of progress and a major obstacle in one’s development. It is an unwise step. The reason being that when one indulges in these distractions it leads to a waste of time, energy and every other resource. Given that we have very limited resources, we cannot afford to waste them on distractions.

High thinking means to think beyond one's desires, transcending surroundings and immediate attractions. It makes a person wise and safeguards one from going astray in the jungle of trivialities.

Simple living, therefore, is not a mere moral or ethical formula. Rather, it is a key principle for a successful life. It is a safety device from all kinds of distractions. And saving oneself from distractions ensures that time, money and energy is used in a better way to attain success in this world and the next, after death. So, simple living is the only sensible way of living. All other ways of living are simply disastrous.

And what is high thinking? High thinking means to think beyond one’s desires, transcending surroundings and immediate attractions. It makes a person wise, and safeguards one from going astray in the jungle of trivialities. People’s minds are generally entangled in trivialities. They don’t think about the serious issues of life and death.

Why does this happen?

It is because such people fail to develop their minds. Only someone with a developed mind can be safe from getting bogged down in trivialities. When mind is occupied by trivial matters and desires, when time is wasted in amusements like reading useless novels and watching movies, the development of the mind will not take place. This will lead to failure to achieve the purpose for which God has sent human beings into this world.

The greatest achievement in this world is intellectual development. The Creator has blessed us with a mind. It has great capacity. But all these things are in the form of a potential. It is for us to unfold this potential of our mind, to turn this potential into actual. The greatest task for us is to focus completely on developing our mind.

Now, the question arises: How can we develop our mind?

The mind can be developed through study, through intellectual exchange on serious matters, and through thinking and contemplation. These are all tools for intellectual development of the mind. In the short span of time that we have in this world we simply cannot afford to waste ourselves in matters other than intellectual development. This is what the concept of high thinking is about.

Simple living makes one a wise person who can manage resources in a proper manner.

The very first word that was revealed to the Prophet was iqra, which means ‘to read’. So, reading is very important in Islam. This was the first lesson that was revealed to the Prophet. Reading and study of serious books written by great thinkers, great scholars, great minds, lead to learning great things, and this will enhance the intellectual development. There is a hadith report, according to which the Prophet said to seek knowledge even if one has to go to China. The seeking spirit is the most important in Islam. Only a seeker will try to find the Truth.

Simple living and high thinking are interrelated. High thinking is a result of simple living. Without simple living, there is no high thinking. A truly wise person, a genuine scholar, necessarily leads a simple life .

Another aspect of simple living is that it conduces to good health— mental and physical. If we conduct a survey, we will find that people who enjoy good health have adopted simple living. This is the secret of the good health of healthy people. Simple living is an integral part of good health.

Simple living is also a natural way of living. Everything in nature is simple. It is free from complications. So, simple living means natural, complication-free living. Nature loves simplicity. Every person must follow his own nature. Simple living and following nature are one and the same thing.

Simple living opens the door to all kinds of success. Good health, wisdom, true joy, in fact every kind of goodness is hidden in simplicity. 

Simple living makes one a wise person who can manage resources in a proper manner. 40 Spirit of Islam Issue 36 December 2015 Happiness lies not in comfort, in luxury, but in simplicity. All those who have adopted simple living are living in happiness.

Simple living, high thinking is related to the art of de-stressing. All stress and tension is a result of not following simplicity. It is the easiest remedy for de-stressing. It reduces all anxieties and negative thoughts, because when there is simple living, there is no hate, revenge, anger, lust, and stress. And so, those who adopt simplicity in their lives will be in complete peace, tranquility and be blessed with a stress- free life.

This is by no means an exaggeration. One needs to experience it to be convinced of its benefits. There is no doubt about it at all. Simple living, high thinking makes a person a good, valuable and positive member of the society. It enables one to contribute towards the betterment of mankind. One will have enough time for worship, for remembrance of God, for reading the Word of God, and for engaging in conveying the message of truth to the whole of mankind. This type of work requires dedication, and dedication requires simplicity. All the prophets and their true followers made this work their focus in life.

The concept of simple living, high thinking is relevant in every aspect of life. It applies to one’s personal life as much as it does to one’s family life, social life, religious life, national life and professional life. It is the best art of living. All of us need to manage our lives. The art of life management is every person’s need. Based on experience, one can say that simple living, high thinking is the ABCD of the art of living, of the art of life management. Without adopting this principle, one cannot manage one’s life successfully.

Simple living and high thinking are interrelated. High thinking is a result of simple living.

All great people throughout history have followed it, including the Prophet of Islam. The Prophet is a model for us to emulate. His life  is a model in every respect for us, including his simple living and high thinking. His lifestyle, his residence, his clothes—everything was very simple. He was able to do the great things he did because he led a simple life, saving himself from all kinds of distraction and dedicating himself to his mission.

To achieve true success in life, there is no option but to practice simple living, high thinking. Some people take spirituality as a mystery. Spirituality is not a mysterious discipline. There is no mystery in spiritual life. Spiritual life is nothing but simple living, high thinking. This is the simplest definition of spirituality. Spirituality is a science, like Simple living and high thinking are interrelated. High thinking is a result of simple living.

 The greatest achievement in this world is intellectual development.other sciences. When one adopts simple living, high thinking, the result will be a transformed personality- and this is spirituality.

Spirituality ought to have the highest place in life. It is very simple because spirituality is interwoven in nature. It isn’t something that is imported from outside. So, when simplicity is adopted the innate spiritual potential begins to unfold. It makes the inherent spiritual potential begin to express or actualize itself. This is the gist of spirituality. Spirituality is not some mysterious discipline. It is a scientific discipline. It can be defined in scientific, logical and rational terms. The above statements are based on experience from personal realisation and not based on bookish knowledge. Adopting simple living, high thinking will make one a spiritual person.

It is very important that one knows what true spirituality is. There are some false kinds of ‘spirituality’—and one needs to be careful to avoid them. Scientific spirituality is what one should believe in. It is based on intellectual development, on the unfolding of one’s own potential. But this requires simple living, high thinking, which enables to bring out the spirituality that is hidden inside.

The greatest achievement in this world is intellectual development.

The Prophet was a spiritual person—not in a mysterious sense, but in a scientific sense, in the Islamic sense. One will discover this if one studies the life of the Prophet of Islam. Once this discovery is made it will give conviction. The inner content of Islam is spirituality. According to the study of Islam spirituality is the gist of Islam, not in a mysterious sense, but in a scientific sense.

Some people take Islam as a political system. But this is wrong. Islam is not a political system. It is a spiritual system. Islam begins from spirituality, from spiritual experience. This is the crux of the religion of Islam. All those who take it as a religion of violence in the name of jihad and political revolution do not know anything about Islam.

Islam is a way of the spiritual life, based on simple living, high thinking. Simple living, high thinking is an integral part of Islam. The Prophet said that simplicity is part of faith. 

Thus, simplicity is part of Islam and the source of success both in this world and in the Hereafter.

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